About us.

Wij ook van jou? What’s that all about?
What does “Wij ook van jou” mean? We love you too! Because once you tasted our food, you will love us! Wij ook van jou is the ultimate Dutch experience on the market. All of our authentic recipes are from real Dutch grandmothers, prepared with lots of love and we are going to continue to spread the love even more with spreading that tradition, on the fairs and events and put it on your tables.

In New York, which is the city of world food, we saw that you can buy almost all the food from all over the world (except for Netherlands). We are going to bring you authentic Dutch recipes and let your part of the world experience another culture of food.

Poffertjes and stroopwafels are two of the most authentic Dutch things that you can find most anywhere in the Netherlands at the open air markets. So what exactly are they? Let us explain it to you. 

So, talking about the poffertjes, what exactly are they?
Poffertjes are small pancakes that are freshly fried in a special poffertjespan, which is specially made for these tiny delicious snacks. They are nothing like the American pancakes or Dutch pancakes. We serve them with a little square of butter and powdered sugar on top to give it the ultimate experience.

Poffertjes are one of the most authentic items we have on the food market. The very first one was made back in 1720. Ever since, these little snacks are available at almost every open air market in the Netherlands. You can eat them as a desert, a snack, breakfast, lunch, even as dinner! Many people have tried to perfect this recipe, that is also why no poffertje will taste the same, no matter where you go! But, nothing is better than Grandma’s recipe!

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